* NOTE The below charges are labor only. The cost of materials used will be extra, unless already stated.

Ashcroft Hall

This is Ashcroft Hall by ‘The Dolls House Builder’.

The exterior has been modified extensively with additional mouldings to really show it’s Regency splendor! This is an example of how you can take a standard house and really make it unique.

Formal Dining Room

The cost to design and fit a formal Dining Room as featured below is £55*. This includes designing and fitting :- make the chimney breast, fitting and lighting fires, to light, lay flooring, paint, fit both coving and skirting along with tailor made paneling.


Grand Hallways

The cost of the grand hallway as featured below is £90*. This design is in complete contrast to the original plain “dog leg” staircase which was a standard fitting in the original house shell. This includes the cost to design, paint, cutting and laying of individual marble effect tiles, lighting and bespoke staircase, hand made and fitted.


Hidden Doorways and Staircases

The cost to design and fit a bespoke secret opening bookcase as featured below  would be £85*. This would include : Bespoke secret staircase design (unique to us) all fitting, making the chimney breast, to light (as many as you like) lay flooring, paper, paint, cove, lay skirting and add any additional features like ceiling panels and roses.